Quality can be addressed as the synonym of trust. STLC is not just a phase in analyzing the product performance, but an assured promise of delivering the quality experience from an organization to the end-user. Hence, a Quality check team is as equal as the production team of any software or hardware industry in order to track and target the behavior of the developed and delivered final products and services.

Automation has also crept into the quality assessment by elevating its standards and also helped for effective testing with the most modern approaches. QA automation especially led to the enhancement of the final product performance much easier than ever. The Bug identification and Bug fixing can be done very smoothly with the specified automation tools. The market is equipped with many Test automation tools which are best in their own perspectives. Every organization has a different approaching in performing the quality check and different tools and methodologies are implemented and sometimes invented too

We proudly say that Loginsoft’s crown is added with one more jewel of QA.

Yes, we also help our customers to test and maintain the quality of their products and services with outmost trust and dedication. Loginsoft has a well-trained and skilled professional Quality Analyst team who are highly smart and efficient in using the Automated Testing Tools.

Let us focus on the way and approach our Loginsoft QA team follows in attaining 100% quality assurance.

Loginsoft Testing services:

Loginsoft aims to achieve the quality customer experience with the most advanced testing mechanism. Our approach towards accessing the quality includes the mechanism like:

We always implement well-defined mechanisms when it comes to auditing of any process. Our QA team follows the standard STLC approach customized in our own way to testing different software applications.

Requirement/ Design Review: A well organized and planned team meeting with the respective client is conducted regularly until and unless all the test requirements are gathered from the software application. We make sure that the client is involved in each and every aspect of testing process to improve the quality assessment by taking constant feedback from them.

Test Planning: One all the required inputs for test design are gathered, we move on to design the Test plan which explains how we carry out the testing phase of the respective application like hat technologies must be used, resources, entry and exit criteria etc.

Test Design: Test design is carried out after test plan is finalized. The focus here is mainly on how we can enhance the testing process especially when and where to use the automation tools.

Test Execution: Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD) testing, are implemented by using the Frameworks of Selenium WebDriver tools like Geb & Spock and Protactor

  • Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD) testing, are implemented by using the Frameworks of Selenium WebDriver tools like Geb & Spock and Protactor
  • SoapUI & RestAssured are used for Web services testing (SOAP & REST)
  • Load Testing is carried out with JMeter
  • Jenkins is used to build and enhance the Configuration and Automation process.
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services) tool are also utilized in case of testing the cloud based applications.
  • We use different simulators in order to test the mobile applications.


Test Reporting: A perfect reporting and updating the identified bugs helps to fix bugs immediately which results in accelerated performance of appplication .Loginsoft uses specific tools such as Subversion, Git, or Mercurial to control the flow and mechanism of the testing phenomena. Test reports, stories, bugs, tasks and epics we use JIRA tool.

Entire testing life cycle is carried out in customer’s perspective and we make sure that our methodologies are highly transparent and easily customized as per client requirement.