Today, most enterprise customers have a manual Swivel-Chair Enrichment processes where Level 1 or Level 2 incident handlers within the security operation center are Swivel-Chairing and logging into external systems. An example is to perform observable look up in RecordedFuture or an IOC look up in VirusTotal or CrowdStrike and so on.

To help SOC analysts to automatically enrich newly created security incidents, Loginsoft has built the integration for Thirdparty Intelligence source with ServiceNow which now allows a Level 1 or Level 2 incident handlers to speed up incident response by performing automatic Threat Lookups, observable lookups, get network statistics and so on for a particular endpoint.

Use Cases Developed for the Integration:

  • Perform Manual enrichment by adding observables manually to the Security Incident form and launching workflows.
  • Build enrichment app that enables the automatic lookup of artifacts added to incidents.
  • Run Automatic enrichment lookups on selected observables upon incident creation.
  • Perform threat enrichment on observables to find out if any security threats.
    1. Run Threat Lookup to perform a lookup on more than one observable.
    2. Run Threat Lookup related link to perform a lookup on single observable.
  • Feed Ingestion
    1. With Feed Fetch Interval, the ingested observable can be created as a new security incident then the enriched data for that IOC will automatically added to the created incident.

Automatic Enrichment

In the below case, IP address is automatically parsed and shown as Malicious from a Threat Intelligence source by performing Automatic Threat Look Up.

Automatically Enriched Observable for a Security Incident

IP Address shown as Malicious IP

Manual Enrichment

The Threat Lookup Results shows from Two Threat Intelligence Sources, VirusTotal and RecordedFuture in the sample image below.

Results shown from Threat Intelligence sources.

Manual Enrichment

Similarly, SOC Analyst can do a Manual Look Up Observable for a Security incident by selecting the configured Sources available.

Manual Enrichment of Observables from Sources configured.

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