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A New Approach to Accelerate Threat Detection

This article explains the importance of early threat detection and illustrates in detail about how a SIEM solution like Splunk can be useful in threat detection and incident response. SIEM is one of the several technologies that are used to detect...

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Threat Detection with SIGMA Rules

Incident Response is the action that you take to restore the ability to deliver organization business service. It is also known as IT incident, computer incident, or security incident. The main objective of the Incident Response is to handle the situation in a way...

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Source Integration with Anomali ThreatStream

Loginsoft, a leading provider of cyber engineering services for Threat Intel Platform Companies has built the expertise in integrating with Anomali, a leading provider of intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions. There are ever growing cyber product companies...

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Extending Splunk UI using Custom JS and CSS

Cyber Security companies are facing challenges to find reliable IT consulting firms to build dashboards quickly within popular SIEM products that will allow enterprise security professionals to track and record activities within their IT environments. Loginsoft has...

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Driving the Diligence of Data Visualization

Digital world revolves around the data and plays a vital role in each and every deciding factor. Presentation of such vital data logs, metrics and traces carry more weightage and demands everlasting attention in order to increase the efficiency of data visualization...

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Heap Overflow Vulnerabilities and Concerned Threats

A flaw always attracts antagonism. The same implies for the software vulnerabilities which act as a gateway for cyber-attacks and increases the chance of code exploitation. Cyber security is the biggest threatening challenge that the present –day digital world is...

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Zero Day Vulnerability – Research and Report!

Imagine a day without the digital gadgets or devices!! Pretty hard it is right? Yes, our daily routines are dwelled with the digital dependence either directly or indirectly. There is a vast data out there exposed in each and every corner of the present world in a...

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Secure your Network by setting up a Honeypot

In this emerging and highly competing digital era, every single day is a new opportunity to invent and investigate new things. When comes to technology alone, as per a survey, millions of new ideas have been registering to change and renovate the digital world....

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Securing email server in a Nutshell

Email stands out as one of the most used means of communications we owe in this digital world. When information is involved in such digital communications, security should be considered as the highest priority and this article helps you to understand how an email...

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Securing AngularJS Applications

Programming securely is the most happening debated issue these days. The web developers/designers should be always on toes to act on the cyber-attacks and should be aware of expecting the security issues when building a web application. No matter, how robust the...

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Introduction to Reverse Engineering and Radare2

What is Reverse Engineering Reverse Engineering (RE) is an ad hoc and creative process of extracting the knowledge of design and implementation information from anything we use in reality. Similarly, reversing a software is a practice of analysing the software to...

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Introduction to Heap Internals

In this post we will cover a few essential topics of Heap Memory. We will learn about the heap creation, the structure of heap memory and different exploitation techniques. This post is mainly based on glibc's heap implementation. We recommend reading “Doug Lee malloc...

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Discovering Vulnerabilities with AFL Fuzzer

This article covers the topic Fuzzing with American Fuzzy Lop (AFL), a powerful fuzzer to find unknown/known vulnerabilities in a software. This should be a good start for any security researchers or a passionate developer who love hunting bugs for fame and profit....

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Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities

In the previous post, some brief information on analyzing memory corruption issues was given. In the following post, a few prevalent issues in this category that can lead to security impacts will be addressed. Introduction: It all starts with a runtime error leading...

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Threat Research Blogs

Taming the Storm: Understanding and Mitigating the Consequences of CVE-2023-27350

May 23, 2023

The world of cybersecurity is constantly evolving, with new threats emerging every day. One of the latest threats to emerge is..


IcedID Malware: Traversing Through its Various Incarnations

May 02, 2023

IcedID, the notorious malware, is actively involved in several delivery campaigns, demonstrating versatility and adaptability.


Maximizing Threat Detections of Qakbot with Osquery

April 12, 2023

Initially, Qakbot spreads using malicious email attachments, drive-by-download attacks


From Innocence to Malice: The OneNote Malware Campaign Uncovered

March 30, 2023

OneNote has been highly cherished by Threat Actors (TAs) in recent months.

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Aurora: The Dark Dawn and its Menacing Effects

March 24, 2023

Aurora Stealer a non-friendly program in your neighborhood developed in Go-lang.

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