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Dependency Defense

Uncovering Hidden Threats in the Opensource Dependencies

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Meticulous Dependency Inspection

Open-source dependency management is a critical concern for protecting systems, data, and users from security threats. Your dependencies might be riddled with malicious code that can attack your supply chain and affect the entire system. Addressing this goes beyond having the right tools, requiring tailored solutions to adapt and respond to evolving threats.

Our experts identify hidden and potentially malicious libraries in your open source ecosystem through in-depth code analysis and discern its nature. This is reinforced with captured with Indicators of Compromise (IOC) and essential artifacts before delivering a detailed report.

Key Benefits

Designed for Better Security

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Proactive Risk Mitigation

Our approach is specifically tailored to identify risks in open-source libraries in npm, pypi, maven, ruby, golang and several other ecosystems.

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Advanced Detection Techniques

We go beyond simple detection by conducting a thorough examination of potential threats, addressing the complexities introduced by various emerging obfuscation techniques and encryption algorithms.

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High Volume Management

Our team is capable of handling a substantial number of packages identified as anomalies by AI engines, a task that typically needs more time and effort to investigate and improve the detection algorithm.

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Research Ready

Our talent pool of skilled threat researchers are always available to be recruited at a moments notice, streamlining research and analysis while reducing response time.