Vulnerability Intelligence

Vulnerability Intelligence

Loginsoft empowers you to proactively secure your systems through comprehensive vulnerability insights.

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Proactive & Comprehensive Vulnerability Intelligence

Loginsoft’s Vulnerability Intelligence solution can enhance your organization's cybersecurity defenses and help you navigate the ever-changing threat landscape proactively. We aid in keeping you well-informed and ahead of potential threats.


Obstacles We Overcome

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Overwhelming Volume

Pinpointing vulnerabilities across sprawling IT environments can lead to blind spots, rendering you susceptible to potential attacks.

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Coping with the sheer volume of vulnerabilities can be daunting, making prioritization and resolution a complex task.

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Lack of Visibility

Vulnerabilities can permeate through your IT infrastructure, spanning from hardware to software and amplifying the intricacy of the challenge.

Key Benefits

Unveiling Security Insights

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Data-Driven Insights

Drive decisions with data through insights into vulnerabilities, risk scores, and remediation progress.

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Live Intelligence

Reduce the risk of exploitation and aid decision-making with real-time vulnerability intelligence

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Lifecycle Monitoring

Monitor vulnerabilities throughout their lifecycle, from detection to remediation.

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Contextual Insights

Mapping a comprehensive inventory of your assets enabling in-depth contextual insights

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Alert Optimization

Reduce alert fatigue by eliminating noisy alerts.

Key Benefits

Unlocking your Arsenal

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In-depth Vulnerability Insights

Our team gains access to insights regarding pre-NVD and exploited vulnerabilities to guide your prioritization efforts.
We keep a close watch on vendor and product risks through real-time alerts to ensure business resilience.

Software Supply Chain Security

We empower your risk and security teams to proactively avoid supply chain risks through detailed research and vendor risk evaluations on open-source software components.

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Comprehensive Data Collection

We aggregate data from a multitude of open and closed sources, including advisories, researcher blogs, social media, and more. Building this centralized repository streamlines vulnerability intelligence analysis, keeping you consistently well-informed.

Collaborative Decision-Making

We analyze risks in context, prioritizing patches based on CVE ‘risk scores and exploit maturity’, for informed decision-making.

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Get Secure Faster

Reduce the mean time to mitigate vulnerabilities by creating informed plans based on threat context.