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Who we are

We're more than just experts in cybersecurity; we're your accredited in-house research team focused on unraveling the complexities of cybersecurity and future technologies.

From Application Security to Threat Research, our team of seasoned professionals have cultivated expertise in every facet of the field. We understand that conducting comprehensive research and analysis to produce high-quality deliverables requires a unique blend of skills and training in niche subjects.

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Our team is comprised of industry-certified experts who stay ahead of emerging threats and technologies.
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We've earned the trust of over 20 security products and companies relying on our research and analysis to strengthen their cybersecurity solutions.
Global Presence
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We bring a global perspective to every project. Our team spans across various demographic locations in India, the USA, and Canada.
University Collaborations
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We have partnered with reputed universities to elevate our research, ensuring our clients receive cutting-edge insights and solutions.
Our expertise

Learn why companies from Top 500 firms are choosing Loginsoft

Open-source software libraries examined  to detect malicious packages and libraries
Zero-day vulnerabilities uncovered  in open-source software (OSS) ecosystems
Malevolent Chrome Extensions Investigated
15,000 CVEs
OVAL definitions developed  to enhance Vulnerability Management Product
Ransomware groups monitored with ATT&CK techniques
Threat actors to map monitored with ATT&CK techniques
Threat actors to map monitored with ATT&CK techniques

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Key Benefits

Defy the Status Quo

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Budgetary constraints. Our cost-effective "Research-as-a-Service" is your key to high-quality research without breaking the bank.

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Diverse Experience

We're equipped to tackle a wide range of research projects. Cybersecurity isn't one-size-fits-all. Our team boasts diverse expertise, ensuring that we solve the most complex problems.

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Retention Revolution

Looking into researcher turnover, we offer a unique solution to keep your projects aligned without the headache of constant recruitment.

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Always Ready

Cyber threats don't sleep, and neither do we. Our global team spans time zones to provide support whenever you need it.

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Skill Scarcity

Our Research-as-a-Service swiftly connects you with our certified security experts.