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QA Automation

Transforming QA: Loginsoft's Automation Solutions Across Industries.

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Test Automation Experts

Loginsoft has extensive experience in developing Test Automation solutions using various automation tools.

We actively engage with our clients across different industries to convert manual test cases into automated test scripts and drive their automation innovation and QA optimization.

Early Issue Identification
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Loginsoft's early detection minimizes revisions, enhancing efficiency and streamlining development.
Cost Reduction
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Early defect resolution saves development costs, making processes more economical.
Risk Mitigation
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Early testing reduces risks, ensuring stability and reliability in products.
Enhanced Software Quality
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Proactive quality assurance improves performance, usability and satisfaction.
Better Test Coverage
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Automation rapidly conducts comprehensive tests across various browser and device combinations, significantly saving time.


Comprehensive Test Automation Solutions


At Loginsoft, we utilize Selenium for developing robust regression automation suites, enabling script scalability across environments. Integrated into CI/CD pipelines, it accelerates early issue detection, ensuring swift, reliable releases. Selenium also supports cross-browser testing, ensuring consistent website performance across different browsers, enhancing user experience.


At Loginsoft, we harness Appium for automating mobile application testing, catering to the varied demands of testing across platforms and technologies. It's versatile for automating native, mobile web, and hybrid applications. Appium's support for real devices and emulators/simulators enables us to validate app behavior across numerous devices and configurations, ensuring comprehensive coverage and reliability.


At Loginsoft, we provide a comprehensive Ranorex automation solution tailored for desktop, web, and mobile application testing. Our tool meticulously examines every detail, from navigation to aesthetics, ensuring complete coverage. With Ranorex, we deliver detailed test reports, screenshots, and logs, offering profound insights into the testing process for projects of any scale.


At Loginsoft, we leverage TestComplete for comprehensive automated testing. This platform features an AI-powered recognition engine, enabling the creation of tests for Windows, Web, Android, and iOS apps. With capabilities for recorded, scripted, or keyword-driven tests, TestComplete ensures thorough testing across multiple application types, enhancing efficiency and reliability in our quality assurance processes.

Ready API

At Loginsoft, ReadyAPI is our go-to platform for no-code API Testing, streamlining test management in one interface. It simplifies importing API definitions and virtualizing web services, integrating seamlessly with tools like Docker and Jenkins. Supporting a range of protocols, ReadyAPI fits perfectly into DevOps workflows, offering easy export of results in formats like Junit or XML, enhancing our testing efficiency and agility.

Sauce Labs

At Loginsoft, we utilize Sauce Labs, a cloud-hosted platform for automated testing of web and mobile applications. With access to over 700 combinations of browsers, operating systems, and devices, Sauce Labs offers a vast test infrastructure. It supports automated and manual testing without VM setup, includes live breakpoints for in-test investigations, and ensures secure testing behind firewalls with Sauce Connect, streamlining our testing processes and enhancing application quality.


At Loginsoft, we use LoadNinja, a cloud-based platform for load and performance testing of web applications and services. It enables our teams to verify server scalability under heavy loads through UI-based and API tests, ensuring robustness. LoadNinja's detailed performance reports enhance our development and QA processes, making web applications more reliable and scalable for our clients.


At Loginsoft, we utilize JMeter, an open-source tool for load and performance testing of web applications. JMeter allows us to simulate high loads on servers and networks, enabling in-depth analysis of application performance and resilience under diverse load conditions, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.


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