Cloud Security Posture Management
Cloud Native Security

Cloud Security Posture Management

Loginsoft specializes in enhancing security posture with expert crafted policy-as-code and robust compliance, saving time and resources.

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Ironclad Protection and Policy Enforcement

Maintaining secure and compliant cloud infrastructure is not just about preventing misconfigurations and compliance violations. It involves crafting policy-as-code, specialized infrastructure-as-code (IaC), integrating security practices into CI/CD pipelines, adherence to compliance norms and more.

Key Benefits

Designed for Better Security

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Customizable Security Policies

We provide flexibility and precision in enforcing security measures with tailored policies, across various specialties like Rego and Pulumi, to suit your organizational needs.

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Seamless CI/CD Integrations

We enable automated and continuous security checks with customized integrations for your CI/CD pipelines without disrupting development workflows.

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Proactive Risk Management

Our policy-driven approach significantly reduces the risk of security breaches and data leaks with early detection and quick remediation of misconfigurations.

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Streamlined Compliance

Our expertise in compliance procedures enable your organization to be compliant with critical standards such as NIST 800.53, CIS Benchmarks, etc. effectively.