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Zero Day Discovery

Zeroing in on vulnerabilities in opensource components.

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Stay Ahead From Day Zero

In the cybersecurity landscape, the exploitation of zero-day vulnerabilities poses a serious threat, allowing attackers to act before a patch is available. Your essential data could be at risk.

With a track record of discovering over 1000 vulnerabilities, our team is a leader in  Zero-Day discovery. We secure your open-source software dependencies and provide detailed reports to help you understand potential exploits, ensuring your security is our top priority.

Key Benefits

Insight Like None Other

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Comprehensive Detection

Our team goes beyond programming languages, unveiling vulnerabilities in a wide array of open-source applications and libraries. Utilizing thorough static and dynamic analysis along with advanced fuzzing techniques.

In-Depth Analysis

Our findings are more than just discovery, we uncover the root cause of vulnerabilities and offer a detailed report to understand potential exploits. This includes reproducible steps, proof of concept, and comprehensive insights.

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Broader Awareness

Our contributions extend beyond our clients, supporting the broader OSS community and helping numerous enterprises reduce their attack surface preemptively.