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Composition Analysis

Loginsoft’s team of experts monitor your OSS dependencies for security and vulnerability issues, saving you valuable time and resources.

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Fortify your software dependencies

As the number of OSS dependencies used in your organization grows, so does the potential for vulnerabilities to creep in. Analyzing thousands of such CVEs in-house can be quite challenging. This makes Software Composition Analysis an essential part of your organization’s defense.

At Loginsoft, our seasoned team of security researchers go beyond standard composition analysis. Our approach to monitoring your OSS ranges from detailed CVE research to targeted static analysis.

How we do it

Our Approach

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Identify root-cause
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Provide information about affected & fixed versions, patches and workarounds
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Analysis & Validation of Proof of Concept
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Provide Actionable Insights

Key Benefits

Dependency Security Like None Other

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Our approach is specifically tailored to identify risks in open-source libraries including npm, pypi, maven, ruby, golang and several other ecosystems.

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Our analysis spans across 20,000 CVEs, covering a wide spectrum of open-source technologies, including NPM, Pypi, Maven, Ruby, Nuget, Rust, Golang, Fedora to name a few.

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Our proactive and real-time approach to monitoring of various data sources keeps us up-to-date with the latest vulnerabilities, ensuring no CVE goes unnoticed. All vulnerabilities are addressed according to an agreed-upon SLA.

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We focus and prioritize vulnerabilities that truly impact your product. This is especially important since publicly available data from sources like OSV.dev or GitHub Advisories may include false positives or lack critical details.