External Attack Surface Discovery
Threat Research & Intelligence

External Attack Surface Discovery

Loginsoft’s experts identify and correlate vulnerabilities in your publicly exposed assets to keep you secure across the internet.

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Secure your Digital Landscape

As your organization gets increasingly connected with the outside world, the potential for attacks increases. Moreover, maintaining numerous online assets, in a digital landscape that is continually changing can be quite cumbersome.

Our specialists utilize cutting-edge scanning technology to navigate the vast reaches of the internet, identifying publicly exposed assets. We map and correlate them with known vulnerabilities, offering a detailed view of your external attack surface for targeted risk management.

Key Benefits

Comprehensive Protection

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Precise Identification

Our advanced scanning solutions deliver pinpoint accuracy, revealing exactly what assets are exposed to the public.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

With continuous innovations and updates, our team ensures the most up-to-date and efficient asset discovery process.

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Dedicated Expertise

Our team comprises of specialized professionals in external attack surface mapping, ensuring thorough scanning.

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Carefully Curated

We are committed to providing a service that is carefully aligned with your specific requirements.