Cloud Workload Protection Management
Cloud Native Security

Cloud Workload Protection Management

Loginsoft's CWPM service offers robust cloud workload protection, ensuring your workloads are always secure.

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Your Security Expert for the Cloud

We harness cutting-edge technologies like eBPF to provide robust defense against threats targeting containers, Kubernetes, hosts, and cloud services. We tirelessly monitor your cloud workloads, swiftly detecting unusual activities, configuration changes, and various attacks in real-time – including exploits and crypto miners.

We’re committed to protecting your organization against the unseen, ensuring the safety of your vital data and giving you the upper hand in the cybersecurity battle.

Key Benefits

Maximizing Security Potential

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Comprehensive Threat Protection

We keep you secure against a broad array of threats that target containers, Kubernetes, hosts, and cloud services, ensuring comprehensive security for every part of your cloud environment.

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Tailored Security Strategies

We create customized solutions that are specifically designed to meet the unique security needs of your cloud workloads.

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Continuous Security Monitoringing

We maintain constant vigilance against exploits and crypto miners, keeping your assets safe through continuous protection.

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Minimize Costly Resources

We continuously develop custom threat detectors, minimizing the need for in-house skilled threat researchers, saving you time and resources.