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Secure Offshore Staffing

At Loginsoft we offer onsite, offsite and offshore development, maintenance and management of all or a part of the software applications for our clients.

Our wide range of services include new development, support, enhancement and other auxiliary services.

Featured benefits

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Lower management and infrastructure overhead costs
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Access to a large and diverse pool of talent
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Receive regular updates at every step through our dedicated social media.
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Working across several time zones, gives us a 24-hour virtual dev cycle.
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Higher and faster return on investment  35-50% cost.

Supercharge your team, on demand

Loginsoft’s provides cost-effective and turnkey staffing through its vast network of experts. We recruit domain specialists to help you reach your milestones faster.

Whether you need one or a full team, we invest time upfront to get to know you and understand your goals and organizational culture before we find you the right fit.

Quickly find the right talent

We deliver screened candidate profiles to you within one to two business days.


We begin by creating thorough job descriptions. Leveraging our expertise, we can promptly generate tailored, targeted job postings.


We publish our job postings on various platforms, spanning job boards, technology forums, digital social media, and additional channels frequented by prospective candidates, ensuring comprehensive outreach.


We utilize our extensive network to rapidly promote open positions.


Former and current employees as well as consultants frequently become available for new assignments.

Why choose us?

Our years of experience recruiting has taught us to spot great talent.

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Tailored Solutions

Your dedicated Loginsoft client manager partners with you to define and confirm your business needs, while also collaborating with our recruiting team to source top talent.

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Thorough evaluations

Our process includes comprehensive assessments, background checks, interviews, and reference checks, ensuring the perfect fit for the job.

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Guaranteed Satisfaction

If our placement doesn't meet yourexpectations, we'll provide a replacement at zero cost.

A few more Perks...

Utilizing workers across the globe. We manage development teams in both the U.S. and India.

Here’s how we can help:

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We sponsor H-1B Visas
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We ensure immigration compliance for resources from Canada, India, and Eastern Europe


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