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See beyond the shadows and  stay updated about latest vulnerabilities happening worldwide with Cytellite’s Threat Intelligence.

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ABOUT Cytellite

Your Watchtower in the Sky

Security teams can be overwhelmed by the vast amount of internet data and struggle to identify and prioritize real cyber threats lurking in the "dark corners" of the web. This limited visibility into the threat landscape hinders their ability to proactively defend their organization and respond effectively to attacks.

Cytellite functions as your vigilant satellite in this digital universe. With our extensive deployment of sensors across diverse geographic locations worldwide, we are committed to shedding light on the shadowy recesses of the internet, offering you a panoramic view of cyber threats.

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See the Bigger Picture

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Proactive Digital Watchtower

Our global sensor network pinpoints emerging threats. This real-time IP intelligence allows for swift response, keeping you resilient in today's dynamic threat landscape.

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Data Enrichment & Categorization

Our advanced analytics engine cuts through web noise, enriching and categorizing attack traffic. Gain insights into actively exploited vulnerabilities, popular scanning tools, and their fingerprints.

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Botnet Intelligence

Cytellite's AI-powered analysis engine goes beyond the surface, automatically detecting and classifying botnet activity, providing the evidence you need to take action.

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Timely Intelligence Dispatch

Stay abreast of emerging cyber threats with our timely intelligence, accessible via our API. This ensures that your response teams receive the insights they need, exactly when they need them.


Advanced IP Search and Query Building

With Cytellite, you have the power to search for IP addresses and construct complex queries using the intuitive query builder. By leveraging parameters such as source country, actor, classification, and more, you can precisely filter and identify relevant threat data.

Detailed IP Reputation Insights

Gain deeper insights into IP reputation details with Cytellite's comprehensive analysis tools. Explore information such as the scanners that detected the IP, its payload activity, historical activity, and other relevant details.

Bulk IP Analysis

Cytellite enables you to analyze your organization's IP addresses effortlessly. Upload a file or paste a list of addresses directly into the platform, Cytellite swiftly assesses each IP's reputation status, highlighting any compromises or security risks.

Key Benefits

Empowering Proactive Defense

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Attack Surface Management

Identify and respond to mass exploit activities targeting vulnerabilities in your systems. Prioritize patching to bolster your defenses.

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Automated Threat Research

Enhance your cyber threat research with valuable IP intelligence from Cytellite. Automate repetitive tasks and gain deeper insights faster.

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Rapid Threat ID

Quickly pinpoint malicious IPs and botnets. Reduce time spent investigating false alarms and focus on real threats.

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Prioritized Patching

Leverage curated IP lists to focus patching efforts on critical vulnerabilities & block malicious actors at the perimeter.

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Streamlined Security

Integrate Cytellite data with your existing security tools (SIEM, SOAR) for a more efficient security workflow.

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Advanced Threat Hunting

Empower your threat hunters with rich attack data. Gain deeper insights into attacker methods and strategies.