Vulnerability and Configuration Management

Vulnerability and Configuration Management

Loginsoft empowers you to swiftly uncover and address vulnerabilities and configurations, securing your digital assets and mitigating risks before they escalate.

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Enhancing Cyber Resilience

Our Security Content Suite offers a comprehensive solution, providing definitions and tools to streamline vulnerability and security configuration management. It enables seamless scans across software, including endpoints and networking devices.

Our Capabilities

Unlocking our Arsenal

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Research & Fingerprinting

Our meticulous research ensures precise software identification in inventories. Analyzing fingerprint patterns across operating systems, we grasp each software's unique traits for accurate recognition and effective management.

Multi-Platform Development

Our method guarantees thorough coverage for maximal effectiveness. We create OVAL content adhering to NIST standards from research insights, covering all potential platforms, not just one OS.

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Continuous Validation

Our rigorous and recurring validation process is committed to quality, testing content to eliminate false results. We simulate softwares & devices and configure scans in our lab, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of our OVAL content for effective vulnerability and patch management.

Key Benefits

What makes our Security Content unique

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Ensuring vital security for organizations, our extensive coverage includes Networking Devices (Cisco, Juniper, PaloAlto), as well as numerous software listed in the CISA KEV catalog. Our commitment to the cause is reflected in continual updates.

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Our strategic partnerships with industry leaders like SAP, Oracle, Palo Alto, and others reinforce our commitment to excellence and validate our established credibility in the security domain.