Service Manager/Business Analyst

Service Manager/Business Analyst

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  • Maintain the accuracy and integrity of the CMDB along with ensuring we are following the CSDM (Common Service Data Model
  • Support the development of Application Services, Business Services, Technical Services, and their corresponding mappings and integrations.
  • Define & Map Business Capabilities to Business Applications
  • Configure/manage Service Mapping to make all ServiceNow applications service-aware using the CSDM framework.
  • Identify and document the relationships between IT infrastructure, services, and business services, and ensure that the CSDM accurately represents these relationships.
  • Effectively communicate insights into the data
  • Support the deployment of automated processes and the underlying digital operating procedures
  • Handle communication with multiple stakeholders
  • Find opportunities to improve and enhance our existing CMDB

Experience & Certifications:

  • Experience with CMDB and CSDM
  • Experience with Knowledge of ServiceNow and Service Maps.
  • ITOM experience is preferred
  • Background in Assets Management
  • Analyzing, synthesizing, finding patterns and drawing conclusions from the data sets to develop summaries, and find actionable insights.

Other Skills

  • Asset tracking
  • System Security
  • Work well in teams and alone
Job Overview

Columbia, MD

10+ Years Exp

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