Cyber Security companies are facing challenges to find reliable IT consulting firms to build dashboards quickly within popular SIEM products that will allow enterprise security professionals to track and record activities within their IT environments.

Loginsoft has expertise in Splunk and has created several custom dashboards with rich visualization using Tables, Columns, Timelines, Pie Charts, Bar Charts, Single Values, etc., for leading Threat Intelligence products. For a leading Threat Intel Gateway Product company, Loginsoft configured Dashboards for Visualization of network traffic from multiple endpoints. In addition, Vulnerability Intel Report Dashboards with custom icons were created for leading companies in Cybersecurity Ratings and Cybercrime Intelligence.

Extending Splunk UI using custom JavaScript and CSS

The following custom features can be used to create highly personalized and diverse dashboards.

Custom Tooltip and Icons using JavaScript:

When logs are sent to the Splunk Application, there is no option to create a custom Tooltip i.e. a mouse hover popup on a data point in the timeline graph.

Loginsoft has leveraged Jquery and JavaScript to implement this feature which is not otherwise available.

Splunk - Custom Tooltip and Icons using JavaScript

We also leveraged JavaScript to create custom icons and also change the color for the text based on an event trigger for one of the dashboards as shown below.

Custom Icons for an Event Trigger on Splunk Dashboard

Configuration Bundle with Custom CSS:

Users cannot show Checkbox options alongside count in Splunk. To mitigate this, Loginsoft bundled a Checkbox Input with column data from Splunk by overwriting Splunk’s default style with Loginsoft’s custom CSS.

Additionally, Loginsoft has leveraged JavaScript to add functionalities that allow users to append graphs in order of selection.

Splunk Dashboard - Configuration Bundle with Custom CSS

How can this approach benefit the Organizations?

  • Thinking outside the box to address client’s Splunk requirements
  • Enhancing Splunk’s technical features
  • Leveraging the productivity and delivery support with high standards
  • Redesigning entire dashboard page as per client’s branding and styles
  • Adding custom icons in Splunk tables and displaying custom Tooltips on mouse hover event to expand icon description.

About Loginsoft:

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